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The Jukebox Band: Adam H
Adam Heusey

Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
"Jukebox's Musical Swiss Army Knife"


"We have got the sonic foundation we need to provide the complete tonal palette that covers the huge variety of songs we do," comments Crash. " And like the rest of us, Adam works hard and always has a great positive attitude. We're very lucky to have him."

Adam brings new sounds and sonic flexibility to Jukebox like no other musician can. Bringing a vast wasteland of musical knowledge, he is able to play just about anything that isn’t firmly bolted to the floor.


“My family bought a piano when I was in the third grade and I took lessons for about 5 years.  I got a guitar when I was in sixth grade and started learning drums (after quitting the clarinet) in the school band in seventh grade.  I went on to be a band geek in the drumline in high school.  I picked up the bass in my early twenties and started playing the Talkbox in just the last 5 years.  I used to work at K-mart and when the manager found out that I could play all of this stuff he told me that “If you’ve been given a gift, it’s a sin to squander it.” I figured it was time to take my skills out of the basement and put them to some good use.”


Adam’s influences come from a wide variety of music ranging from classical, pop, rock, metal, jazz, EDM, synthpop, smooth electronic, Industrial, New Wave,  R&B, Blues, Funk, Disco…etc.  If you were to put my iPod on shuffle, you could very well hear Chopin’s “Nocturne in C sharp Minor” followed by Slayer’s “Warzone” and then followed by The Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive.”


" I love the fact that he is a bit younger than I, but knows all my favorite old school funk tunes, All of our favorite rock and metal tunes, and Crash's....well, all of Crash's stuff," says Dave. "When we got him, I thought it would be weeks before he'd be ready. He learned most of our set list by the first rehearsal, with perfect tones, keyboard patches and parts, and we dropped him in on our very next gig. Amazing how much he adds and how we now sound so powerful and like the recordings and/or our own unique sound, if that makes any sense."


Adam has played with several local bands over the past 9 years including: Shaded Vision (drums), Downside (bass), Into The Arena (keyboards/rhythm guitar) and is on a solo project by guitarist Xander Demos' recently released album “Guitarcadia.”

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