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The Jukebox Band
Crash McCracken

Drums, Vocals
"I've Been Around the World..."


"I wanted to be a drummer after watching Van Halen's 'Live Without a Net' and my mom bought me first drumset for 50 bucks off my neighbor," says Mike "Crash" McCracken.


And the rest is history.


Bringing to Jukebox his infectious groove, relaxed and hilarious persona, Crash has done it all. Focusing intently on drums at the seemingly late age of 21 after seeing the Granati Brothers play at Good Spirits in Beaver Falls, Crash started bugging them into letting him bring some percussion to "contribute" to the band. Eventually, that led to him actually taking the drummer slot with them, as Rubber Soul or G-Force or the Granati Brothers, etc. His reliability and drive scored a gig playing with "Johnny Fish and the Fins" with Chris Pia and Herm and Dave and whoever else rolled through the lineup.


Then the list just kept growing, eventually adding some of the top names in the area: Donnie Iris, Norman Nardini, The Jaggerz, Shari Riachards, B.E. Taylor, Will E. Tri, Paul Martino(KDKA-TV2), the players of Charlie Murdoch's, Chizmo Charles, Gary Beloma, Craig King, Joe B., Paul Goll (from Donnie Iris Band), Glenn Pavone, Don Cameron , Bryan Cole, Johnny Holiday, Edison's Medicine, Dallas Marks, Medicine Train, Killing Jonas, Whiskey Grin, Steel Town, Steel Reserve, N2O2R/ Retro, and now with Jukebox. WHEEEEEEEEW!!.


Fearless and adventruous, he tackled Los Angeles, where he played with Fin MacCool, Black Molly (now Manixview), Amox, Big Red Truck, and countless studio projects. The dude gets around.


"I think Crash's success comes from his attitude. He is by far the coolest guy I know. He keeps me sane!" says Dave C. " He is just relaxed and focused and ultra-professional, and the nicest guy you could ever know. He can talk to anyone and make them feel important. He'll do anything for anybody and I think its great to be in a band with one of my best friends."

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