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The Jukebox Band
Dave Charles

Bass, Vocals
"Funk the Dumb Stuff"


Dave shares an interesting philosophy: "When you take your efforts and direct them towards helping other people, you know exaclty what you have to do. Egos dissolve, drama vanishes and you become instantly humbled and focused. Your dedication to perform for your audience answers any questions you may have and directs your efforts to a consistent focal point. Ask anyone that knows me, I didn't always know that! But when that goal is shared by a group of great, selfless musicians, with no drama or egos of their own, people are gonna dance! It has to be about them. That is why we are doing this. I love this new band because they all love entertaining people and making them feel good."


As far as Dave is concerned, making folks groove and sing is the only thing that matters. With that as his primary focus, Dave has been playing in bands, studio sessions and live performances since he was 15 years old. With his oldest brother Tom, (a formidable guitar player in his own right) as his primary influence, music would creep into his room when he was trying to sleep. The rest is history!


"I couldn't get away from it! He would play for hours!" he remembers. "Our house was small and old with thin walls, but before I picked up an insturment of my own, I learned HOW to practice, and the dedication it would take. He unwittingly taught me patience and discipline."


Hopelessly addicted to Classic Funk, R&B, Blues and Jazz, as well as Rock, Country and Latin music, no song is off limits. Dave's versatile playing and singing has taken him all over the country, with many different acts, playing throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest.


An ever evolving soloist and player, Dave adds creative and colorful grooves that make the most typical bass lines swing and pulse. His voice can go from soaring to growling, and there is no style off limits in the set list! Playing guitar, drums and acoustic bass are all favorite activites, and sometimes the band will switch around to keep things interesting!


"Music is boundless. I can be a harsh critic of alot of the new stuff out there, but there is something to learn from EVERY song. Even if it's what NOT to do!"


Dave has been a member and performed with many bands, including Seventh House, The Roadhouse Band, The Öerthtones, Cloud 9, Gene Ludwig, One Night Stand, The Brian Cole Band, Whiskey Grin, Drive, N2O2R, Elisa G and the 4th Street Band and now, Jukebox. He has recorded as a guest on many artists CD’s, jingles and production pieces, as well as written, recorded and produced for himself, Tom Davis, Jared Just, The Charles Brothers Band, and many others.

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