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The Jukebox Band Gig
George Kalantzis

Guitar, Vocals
"Funk it up..."


A transplant from Chicago, George moved to Pittsburgh in 2001. During his music career George has played a variety of styles with many acts, leading to diverse opening performances for The Average Wite Band, Glenn Frey, Black 47, Glenn Hansard, Michael Burks, James Solberg, and many others.


Being in Jukebox feels like a natural fit to George. The diversity of styles and challenge to entertain almost fit like a glove. From rock and hair metal to funk and hip hop, if there's a style needed George can cover it.


"I started playing at a young age and ended up studying Jazz guitar with Chicago great Frank Dawson. Through my studies I not only learned the instrument and music theory, but the importance of being able to perform a wide range of styles and having a deep repetoire. Jukebox definitely keeps me on my toes musically, and there's nothing better than playing in front of an energetic crowd!"


As Jukebox's newest member, George brings techicality along with a pocket feel across Jukebox's breadth of music. Throuh the years George has played with Nicholas Markos, Gareth Woods, Thrunk Dawsay, Tree Root & The Traveling Caravan, Midnight Express and many others...



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